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System Requirements

The following system requirements must be met in order to successfully install the 365 Command Active Directory Extensions Addin:

  • Install Microsoft Office 365 PowerShell Module. The module can only be installed on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 Servers. Please go to for module installation requirements.

  • Extend the Active Directory Schema for Exchange. This allows you to manage these values through your local Active Directory. If your schema is not extended, download a trial version of Exchange and extend your AD schema with the Exchange attributes.

  • Install .Net Framework 4.0

  • Obtain a valid 365 Command Subscription. The 365 Command AD Extensions will connect to to verify licensing. If you have a valid subscription but are unable to connect due to network configuration, please contact Technical Support to obtain license keys.

  • Update the DisplaySpecifiers in the local Active Directory. If not updated, the user and group objects tabs will not appear. Once the update is complete, install the 365 Command AD Extensions, along with the underlying requirements, on the server or workstation on which you want the tabs to appear. If you do not install the 365 Command AD Extensions, the Active Directory Users and Computers will function normally but the custom tabs won’t appear.

Once the requirements have been completed, the system is now ready for installation. Please note that the 365 Command Active Directory Extensions should be installed on any workstation or server on which you want the custom tabs appear.

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Additional Information

Click here to access links to other 365 Command AD Extensions related topics like 365 Command AD Extensions Installation, Initial Configuration, Overview, Custom Tabs Functionality and Common Usage Examples.

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Technical Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding 365 Command AD Extensions, please contact Technical Support.

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