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Office 365 Mailbox Tab

The O365 Mailbox tab connects to Office 365 to retrieve information about the mailbox. When you click the tab, you may encounter a delay as it first has to establish a remote Powershell connection to Office 365. Click Log to see the current status of the connection (Fig.1).

The O365 Mailbox tab has the following functionality:

  • Mailbox Statistics: Shows the Last Login Time, the Mailbox Size, and Item Count. You can obtain additional details by clicking View All Stats (Fig.1).
  • Mailbox Properties: In some scenarios it may be necessary to change the Primary Email Address in Office 365 directly. This dialog box allows you to modify the WindowsEmailAdddress attribute directly in Office 365. To view all the properties of the mailbox in Office 365, click View All Properties (Fig.1).
  • View and Change Mailbox quota in Office 365: The Mailbox Quota area allows you to view and set quota values for a mailbox (Fig.1). After changing the values, click Apply for the changes to take effect.

Fig. 1 (Click image for magnified view)

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Additional Information

Click here to access links to other 365 Command AD Extensions related topics like System Requirements, Installation, Initial Configuration, Custom Tabs Functionality and Common Usage Examples.

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Technical Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding 365 Command AD Extensions, please contact Technical Support.

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