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Office 365 Exchange General Tab

The O365 Exchange General Tab (Fig.1) allows you to access the ProxyAddresses and TargetAddress attributes where you can add/remove addresses and change the primary address. When you change the primary SMTP address, the mail attribute will also be updated with the new value.

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How to Add/Remove/Change Primary Address

  1. In the Email Address: field, enter the email address (Fig.1).
  2. To add the email address as the primary SMTP, click Add as proxy address(Fig.1). To add the email address as primary sip, click Add as sip (Fig.1). These buttons are often useful when creating new accounts.

    If you do not want the user to appear in the Global Address List in Office 365, click the drop down arrow next to Hide From Address Lists (Fig.1) and select True.

    Fig. 1 (Click image for magnified view)

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Additional Information

Click here to access links to other 365 Command AD Extensions related topics like System Requirements, Installation, Initial Configuration, Custom Tabs Functionality and Common Usage Examples.

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Technical Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding 365 Command AD Extensions, please contact Technical Support.

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