Welcome to 365 Command Support!

Whether you’re a current customer or new to Office 365, this page contains links to how-to instructions and resources for our Office 365 Command application. If you have questions regarding this application or are currently encountering technical issues, please feel to contact us.

Site Overview

The Site Overview page provides a quick summary of some of the functionality provided by 365 Command.

Administration Features

In the Administration Features page you’ll find detailed instructions for using 365 Command.

Account Management

The Account Management page provides administrators with tools to keep track of the various changes being applied to both Office 365 and 365 Command accounts as well as manage certain aspects of 365 Command accounts.

Active Directory Extensions

The 365 Command Active Directory Extensions allow you easily modify Exchange attributes in your on premise Active Directory if you are using Active Directory Synchronization. These changes are then replicated to Office 365 via Office 365 Directory Synchronization.

Registration Process

Here you will find step by step instructions on how to register for 365 Command.

MSP Account Management

MSP Account Features