Given below are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the 365 Command Service Provider Account for Office 365®

FAQs Answers
What is a 365 Command Service Provider Account? 365 Command was built with Service Providers in mind.  We allow them to load up their Office clients into the system and quickly switch between them and perform the various actions, run and schedule reports, etc.  
What is a 365 Command Service Provider Account? Monitor, Report & Manage Customers’ Office 365®

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Licenses
  • Exchange Online (Mailboxes)
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive
  • Skype for Business
  • Service Health
  • Office 365 Admins

365 Command® enables managed service providers to manage their client Microsoft Online® Service environments through a single login to perform common administrative tasks, do reporting and troubleshoot issues.

What requirements to qualify for a 365 Command Service Provider Account? You need to be a Service Provider selling, migrating or managing Office 365 cloud services. Register for your free 365 Command Service Provider Account.
What is the 365 Command subscription cost for a Service Provider organization? Subscription to 365 Command is free of cost for any service provider organization enrolled in the 365 Command Serviced provider Account.
How do I get to the 365 Command free trial form?
How do I get to the Service Provider Account Upgrade form?
How can I contact 365 Command Sales to get started? Call 305-537-1406 for a price quote today
Do I have to have a free trial account before I can get a Service Provider Account Upgrade?

Yes you need a free trial account.

To set up a free trial…You’ll need an internally used Office 365 account (not a customer Office 365 account account) and active Office 365 Global Admin credentials. You can discount Office 365 account at any time without losing the ability to manage customers. If you don’t have an Office 365 account of your own we recommend you get a free Office 365 trial account from Microsoft. (But still ask yourself why you don’t use what you sell?)

Does the free trail have to be connected to my own Office 365 tenant? Yes.  You will use your own Office 365 tenant as the master tenant for your 365 Command account account.  Register your own Office 365 account for the trial.  This will become your ‘free’ 365 Command account.
What else about the free trial should I know? Apply for a 365 Command free trial account using your own Office 365 account and credentials. The Free Trial account is provisioned in real-time and you will receive an email when your Office 365 data has been fully downloaded for the first time.
How do I apply for a 365 Command Service Provider Account Upgrade? Complete the form located here:
Do I have to complete the 365 Command Service Provider Account Request? Yes, to get the account you complete the form and check the reseller agreement that says that you agree for any customers you monitor using the service.
What happens after I complete the Service Provider Account Upgrade request form? We will review your request as soon as possible and notify you when your free trial account has been upgraded to a service provider account. Last, wait 1 business day for your MSP account to be activated, including your free 365 Command account.
What do I do while I am waiting for my server provider account update? Practice Enhanced Monitoring & Reporting Service on your own Office 365 using your 365 Command free trial account
What do I do after I am notified? You can begin adding your Office 365 Command to get our Office 365 monitoring, reporting and management services.
Do I need to enter a credit card? Yes, you need to enter a credit card when you start adding customers?
How much does it cost? $20 per month for the first 50 Office 365 non-shared mailboxes you monitor, and $.24 per month for each additional mailbox.
How will I be billed? You will receive a monthly statement that shows your charges per tenant. Each month your credit card will be billed based on the total number of qualifying Office 365 mailboxes.
Do I get a service provider discount? Yes, you Get 20% discount on the retail seat price of the 365 Command service with no retail minimum monthly charge per customer.
How do I cancel services? Just open a support ticket and we will remove managed customers from your 365 Command account and stop the billing.
Do I get a free 365 Command account for my own Service Provider use? Yes.  Once your account is upgraded to a Service Provider Account, your free trail trail will become a free 365 command account – and the account from which you manage your Office 365 customers.
Where do I get training and information?
What is coming soon? Access a video tutorial on how to package and sell Enhanced Monitoring & Reporting Service for Office 365. We’ll give you instructional videos on to provide selling Enhanced Monitoring & Reporting Service for Office 365 to your customers.
Why can’t I just use the free Office 365 Admin center to monitor multiple customers? Our Office 365 customer management portal makes it way easier to monitor multiple customers compared to the free Office 365 Admin Portal
How will I benefit?
  • Monitor and report on service health, email quota and usage, permissions, subscriptions,  licences, site collections and more.
  • Manage engineers better (role based admin & audit)
  • Manage tenants better
  • Provide tools for engineers
  • Simplify monitoring and management of Office 365
  • Generate revenue selling Office 365
  • Provide a managed service monitoring Office 365
How will my customers benefit?
  • Offer superior ongoing support for your customer’s Office 365® environment.
  • Keep an eye on services and help your customers get the most out of Office 365®.
  • Can be alerted to licenses they are not using
  • Prevent problems before they arise.
  • Minimize the cost and hassle associated with managing Office 365® independently.
  • Minimize the time spent to manage and enforce policies among individuals or groups.
  • Minimize risk.
  • Minimize the time it takes to monitor and control access
  • Increase adoption.
How do I add a customer 365 Command
What happens after I add a customer to 365 Command? That customers Office 365 data will be downloaded to 365 Command and you get 14 days free before any billing for that customers starts.
What do I need from my customer to monitor, report and manage their Office 365? You need the username and password of an O365 user account with Global Administrator privilege
How any Office 365 credentials kept secure? The Office 365 admin credentials are encrypted using asymmetric encryption with 2048 bit keys and stored securely in a secure Microsoft Azure data center so we can retrieve data from your organization’s Office 365 account. They system that performs the decryption has no access to the encrypted data.
Why does 365 Command need my customers’ Office 365 admin credentials? 365 Command uses these credentials to retrieve metadata from your Office 365 account for your use. 365 Command does not access or scan any files or e-mails from any Office 365 accounts at any time.
Who is this best for? This model works best for Service Providers who want to develop a managed service offering around Office 365.
How often is my customer’s data refreshed? A full refresh is done once every 24 hours. An incremental refresh icon be done on demand by utilizing the Data Load Status function in the Account Management section (refer to Account Management for more information). However this refresh function will not display any newly added accounts