365 Command Service Provider Pricing

How much does 365 Command cost for Service providers? $20 per month for the first 50 Office 365 users/mailboxes you monitor, report and manage, and $.24 per month for each additional mailbox.
Do I get a Service Provider discount? Yes, you automatically get 20% discount on the retail seat price of the 365 Command service with no retail minimum monthly charge per customer. Retail price is $20/mo for the first fifty mailboxes and $.30/mo for each additional Office 365 mailbox/user managed.
Do I get a free 365 Command account for my own Service Provider use? Yes.  Once your account is upgraded to a Service Provider Account, your 365 Command free trial trial account will become a free 365 command Service provider account – and the account from which you manage your Office 365 customers.
Do I need to enter a credit card? Yes, you need to enter a credit card when you start adding Office tenants to monitor and manage in 365 Command?
How will I be billed? You will receive a monthly statement that shows your charges per tenant. Each month your credit card will be billed based on the total number of qualifying Office 365 mailboxes. (no minimum charge per customer)
How do I cancel services? Just open a support ticket and we will remove managed customers from your 365 Command account and stop the billing right away.