“I have greatly enjoyed 365 Command. It has been a nice time saver for me and my team. It provides a nice, easy to use, single location tool for doing the quick and common tasks. I have found it very helpfulSenstronic in the fact that you do not need to load up PowerShell each time and connect to all the services needed just to do a single simple command. Which makes it easier for our help desk to complete these easy tasks without any PowerShell knowledge. I really look forward for to the official release so that we can fully implement it!”

Larry Jossi- Albertina Kerr Centers


“It is nice to have a more visual representation of your organization. It’s much easier to see it in terms of graphs and to use a gui to perform some of the common PowerShell commands. I am excited to see what will be available in the official release.”

David Seifert – Calvary Church


“Hats Off to MessageOps for developing this portal app. This powerful tool allows my team and I to efficiently manage our company’s hosted exchange environment in a straight forward, easy to use web portal.

We particularly like the mailbox permissions, devices, and groups areas as these are areas that are in constant change for our company’s users.

On the main page the information for an administrator is spot on – one glance tells you the overall health of the environment and the addition of the maps feature to let you know at what data centers your environment is operating out of and the number of users within is a great tool to have at your fingertips.

This tool will become every administrators favorite the second they log in.”

Lou Heruska – Content Critical, LLC


“We’ve been using the 365 Command tool for several weeks now and it has greatly simplified the process of managing our Office 365 users. The reports and functionality that 365 Command provides are simply indispensable and we will continue to use 365 Command as long as it is available. Thanks for such a making such a great tool available!”

Brian Benson – Educational Service District 113


“I have enjoyed using 365 Command for several tasks. It is especially useful for creating shared mailboxes and shared calendars. The ability to use 365 Command.com vs. long and unmanageable PowerShell commands makes our life in IT much easier.”

Frank Gresh – Emergency Medical Services Agency


“We here at Flowserve have been a big fan of your supporting tools for Office 365. We are new to the Online service support and to date we have invested in a few other tools such as the mailbox export tool.

The information the 365 Command tool provides is extremely impressive. As the lead admin, I’m asked daily to produce reports for executives of our Office 365 service. Before this required me running several different PowerShell scripts and downloading several different lists of data (which would take hours to run) then only to have to re compile the information into excel to produce the useable information updates. The command tool replaced all of that with already generated reports which down loaded in minutes, not hours. It provided me a main overview of our current environment. The tool is user friendly and the graphics provide a valuable interface of information now available at my fingertips.”

Jennifer Perry – Flowserve


“365 Command has been very good for us here at Interroll. Many of the command line functions that it can perform for you are quite time consuming when done manually. Anything to short cut this is really nice. I also really like the dashboard features. Seeing my highest use mailboxes at a glance lets me know who is getting close to the limit.

I also really like the feature of permissions. We have a lot of shared mailboxes; adding and removing via the command line is awful. 365 Command makes this much simpler and again is a huge time saver. I think the tool overall has been a nice addition to the administration of Office365.”

Jim Conway – Interroll Corporation


“365 Command has been invaluable to our business. No more messing around with PowerShell scripts – just a few clicks, and you’re done. “

John Skidmore – jps IT Ltd


“The 365 Command web site provides many useful statistics on the Office 365 environment. It also provides reports that would be complicated to write with PowerShell commands and these reports also run much more quickly. It also provides charts that give a quick overview of the system. This is a fine tool to assist with the management and administration of Office 365 tenants.”

Art Rathke – Kelly Services


“365 Command is a great web GUI for IT professional using Microsoft 365. It eliminates the need to query and run troublesome command shell prompts. I love it and use the tool frequently. I would be lost without it at this point. Whoever came up with the idea KUDOS!”

Bill Richardson – Maverick Funding Corp


“The 365 Command Dashboard is a great visual snapshot for management. Email forwarding option is so much easier than entering a long string in Powershell. Managing groups, UPNs and proxy addresses is a piece of cake. Awesome product. “

Wendy L. Williams – Millennium Hotels and Resorts


“365 Command makes Office 365 usable. It makes it better than usable, it makes it enjoyable. I would not provide Office 365 if this tool didn’t exist.”

Phil George – NURV Cloud


“The 365 Command application is great for reporting and day-to-day administration use. It makes things easier to find and do, and I’m sure it will become a daily part of our toolkit.”

Angus Jordan – Prime Image Technologies


“When we first started to use 365 Command, we used it to perform tasks and configurations in our Office 365 implementation that simply took too long and was too clunky to use the Microsoft tools. Through the Beta program we’ve come to realize that the statistics provided in the Dashboard and various other sections is invaluable to us in managing our Office 365 subscription.

Thank you for the current state of the product and we look forward to future enhancements that will further the products value.”

– Brent R. Marchbanks – Real Estate Digital


“I use 365 Command frequently for our business, the tools and reports provided are far superior to the native Office365 tools.”

Brett Stacey – Sapere Research Group


“Great tool, very useful means that you have done a great job. Thank you all!!!!!”

Kodjo Hacheme – Senstronic


“I have used 365 Command in its Beta. This is a tool that provides missing information in MS interface for MS 365. It makes MS 365 manageable and much, much easier to understand and manage. I cannot image working and administering MS 365 without it. 365 Command is easy to understand and you don’t have to be a IT manager to work with it. Part of the lure of MS 365 is that it can be managed by non IT people. As you know MS support is not the easiest to deal with. Without 365 Command – MS 365 is MS 265 – 365 Command completes the offering.”

Jerry Burden – Timbers Resorts


“Thank you so much for making this amazing product. It is literally one of the most useful things I use every day. The user experience is so good that I feel great every time I am about to use this wonderful tool. It provides me with a toolset that is deeply necessary for doing advanced administration of Office 365, and it has revealed information about my Office 365 domain that I did not know was available. Thank you again for your amazing work and for making this tool available.”

Michael Rashkovsky – TNG Network


“Thank you for the opportunity to use the 365 Command portal. The simplicity, ease of use, and available data far exceed anything Microsoft offers. The most valuable aspect of the portal is the reporting abilities. I am not skilled with the use of PowerShell for reporting. It is far simpler to use your portal. Lastly, I’ve had Microsoft technicians recommend MessageOps for your utilities and help documents. There is definitely a void of features and functions that Microsoft is not providing, I’m glad you are filling that void. Keep up the good work.”

Neal McCracken – Vail Resorts Management Company


“This adds a whole new layer of management to our Office 365 environment. We don’t have to memorize a bunch of PowerShell commands, or write scripts. We can modify user settings quickly and easily, which makes me and our IT staff more productive. This is what Office 365 user management should be.”

Chris Westgor – Village Of Schaumburg


“The 365 Command tool is a GREAT tool. My team and I are very thin and it really helps to have an easy to use interface to manage our Office 365 environment. It saves us countless hours of researching PowerShell commands to handle common tasks. Thank you Message Ops, I appreciate the work you guys are doing over there.”

– James Veal – Wasserman Media Group