Simplify Microsoft Office 365™ Cloud Management

Make your administration functions easier and faster to maintain with fewer errors!

Set up Office 365 accounts instantly. Set up cloud mailboxes on the spot. Manage all Office 365 users, groups and mailboxes. Manage OneDrive and SharePoint accounts. Manage all role-based administration functions. The Office 365 Cloud will be a whole lot easier for you to manage than what you’ve got now!

Office 365

  • Full Office 365 User Account Details
  • Create New Users
  • Change Office 365 User Names
  • Set & Modify Office 365 Passwords

Exchange Online

  • Mailbox Dashboard
  • Mailbox Map
  • Get Office 365 User Mailbox Details
  • Get Exchange Online Users Details
  • Get Mailbox Permissions Details
  • Actions
  • Create Mailbox Templates
  • Apply Mailbox Template
  • Create Shared Mailbox
  • Edit Mailbox Permissions
  • Edit Folder Permissions
  • Set Mailbox Forwarder
  • Export Mailbox PST
  • Groups
  • Mobile Device List

SharePoint Online


  • Manage My Site Settings
  • Edit List Permissions
  • Edit Site Permissions
  • Create a SharePoint Template
  • Edit Document Library Permissions
  • Configure SharePoint Access


  • Content Management Dashboard
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Team Site Overview Dashboard
  • View SharePoint Documents
  • View SharePoint Website Details
  • SharePoint Site changes
  • View All SharePoint Groups
  • View SharePoint Lists
  • View All Document Libraries
  • Group and Permission Management