Office 365 Insights

365 Command is the top cloud management, monitoring and
reporting solution for Office 365!

Get the information you need to find suspicious activities within your Microsoft Office 365 Cloud environment.

Keep your information where it should be by auditing all behavioral functions in the cloud. You can analyze all behavioral actions in your cloud including the permissions and settings for all users, files, emails and much more. This will help you to ensure that only the right things will be accessed while all mail and files leaving the Office 365 Environment are also scanned to ensure that no improper data is moving out from your cloud.

Get the most out of your cloud monitoring features:

  • Get more information security functions up and running in your cloud
  • Get the most insights possible to find suspicious acts
  • Protect your access and usage permissions for the cloud

The Behavioral Security Insights that you can use here will keep the information in your Office 365 cloud setup from being leaked out to the public. You can monitor everything that happens in your cloud while controlling the access and permission standards in your space with care.

Popular Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Behavioural Insights:

  • Office 365 Cloud User’s password expiration and strength settings
  • All mailboxes that are forwarded
  • All mailboxes that are forwarded outside of your Organization
  • Mailboxes with users who have full access
  • Mailboxes with legal hold status
  • Mailboxes with their last logon date
  • SharePoint
  • Largest Sharepoint documents
  • SharePoint Editors with largest modified item count
  • Top Externally Shared OneDrive Files
  • Top OneDrive Storage Usage Status of Users
  • Office 365 Activity Audit Log
  • Command 365 Activity Audit Log