Office 365 Reports

Quickly gather Office 365 data and insights. Office 365 Cloud reporting has never been easier to handle! Contains over 40 Reports and dozens of data points not available from the Microsoft Admin Portal.

Get your business to make better decisions about its Office 365 Cloud environment. Save time gathering Microsoft Office 365 Cloud data and insights.

  • Easier to get the data you need about your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 Cloud users, usage, permissions, access, mailboxes, files or devices
  • Easier to get the data you need about your organization’s adoption, conversions, on-boarding, migrations, hybrid environments and more.

Your Microsoft Office 365 Cloud data solutions will be easier to handle through our service. You can use this service to easily gather all the Office 365 information to make it easier to work with including:

  • Office 365 Users & Group
  • Office 365 Access & Permissions
  • Office 365 Cloud Mailboxes & Email usage
  • Office 365 Devices
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business

Reporting for your Office 365 Cloud has never been easier to handle!

You can use dashboards to review all the necessary bits of information that you require including information on who’s using your Office 365, how data is being exchanged and more.

  • Mailbox Details Report– View and export all mailbox details. (Mailboxes)
  • Mailbox Logon Times – Mailboxes with their last logon date. (Mailboxes)
  • Mail Traffic Summary – Daily mail traffic totals. (Mail Traffic)
  • Forwarding – All mailboxes that are forwarded. (Security)
  • Full Access & Send As to – Mailboxes Mailboxes with users who have full access. (Security)
  • Exchange User Properties – List and export O365 Users with extended properties (Users)
  • Mailbox Size – Mailboxes by size. (Mailbox Size)
  • Devices Details – Report View and export all device details. (Mobile)