MSP Multi Tenant Features

365 Command is the top cloud management, monitoring and
reporting solution for Office 365!

Multi-Tenant Reporting and Access Management Tools from a Single Interface

365 Command gives you the power to manage multiple remote Office 365 environments all from the same straightforward console. Even better, this allows you to save time and money, by supporting being able to efficiently support an array of companies, and hundreds of users, all from one location.

Simplify Office 365 Management Reporting in Real Time

365 Command allows you to generate comprehensive reporting that delivers visibility for Compliance, Adoption, Security and more.

  • Receive reports on multiple tenants automatically
  • The ability to send your clients reports automatically
  • Spend 90% less time clicking to find reports than in Microsoft

Managing Office 365 Has Never Been Easier

365 Command fundamentally changes how Office 365 is managed, taking a higher-level, more intuitive approach to the tools you rely on.

  • Configure your users passwords how you want them to be
  • Simplified de-provisioning. No Powershell scripts or complicated procedures are needed to remove users or de-provision accounts
  • Create custom templates to automatically assign settings to mailboxes after they are created
  • Easily enforced policies through customizable role-based management

Monitor Your Instance Like Never Before

Monitoring your Office 365 portals users has become as simple as 1,2,3 by providing over 40 additional reports not available through Office Portal.

  • The ability to see who is using what features, and where they are being used
  • Extensive reporting and auditing means policy or security breaches can be detected early and rectified
  • Easily determine whether roles need to be modified for proper governance.