Exchange® to Office 365® Mailbox Migration Solution for MSPs

Now included at no additional cost!

Exchange® to Office 365® Mailbox Migration Solution for MSPs

Now get our office 365 migration, management, insights and reporting solution for just $2.88 per year (24 cents per month per office 365 mailbox).

Save up to 75% compared to competitive products.

Now included at no additional cost when you use the 365 Command MSP portal.

Enables an MSP to offer value-added services around Office 365 Migration.

MSPs get lower cost, more control and added features.

The Exchange Migration Solution is now included with 365 Command

This solution is for MSPs with a solid understanding of Office 365 that want to reduce the cost of migrating mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365. The 365 Command Migration Solution is a downloadable software MSPs use to automate the process of migrating the contents of mailboxes from Exchange Server to Office 365. Unlike competitors, we offer the lowest cost solution, give you more control over your own migration services bundle, and save you tons of valuable time.

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Easy to Use
• No special training or certifications required; easy to install software. Our easy-to-use interface takes the complexity out of your migration project.

System Requirements:
Office 365 Exchange Migration Tool connects to the local Exchange servers using MAPI, so there is no need to enable RPC over HTTP, which the native migration tools from Microsoft require.
• Supports migrations from Exchange 2003 and higher
• Requirements to run the software are Outlook 2010, or 2013; PowerShell 2.0
• The Office 365 Administrator account specified must have a mailbox
• Office 365 Kiosk Mailboxes cannot be used as a target mailbox

Key Functionality
The Exchange Migrator can do migrations from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 quickly and easily. The way it works is different than most other migration tools in that it runs on premise, pulls the mail out of the local Exchange server and then pushes it to the Office 365 mailbox.

Exporting Functionality
• Export Mailboxes to PST from on-premises Exchange
• Export Mailboxes to PST from Exchange Online

Importing Functionality
• Import PST files to Office 365
• Import PST files to on-premises Exchange

Advantages Vs Competitors
• Lower Cost
• More Control
• Added Features
• Plus, we are the only solution that can give you an Executive Summary Dashboard with more than 75 Critical details about your Office 365 Cloud Services after you migrate.

Differences Vs. Competitors
• Our functionality is best at one thing Exporting Mailboxes from Exchange & importing files into Office 365 (plus you can export PSTs for backup in Office 365)
• Our solution won’t help you buy the Office mailbox licenses (but it’s easy to do)
• Our solution won’t load your Office 365 with new (empty) mailbox accounts (but it’s easy to do)

Migration Solution Support
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