365 Command for Office 365

365 Command is the top cloud management, monitoring and
reporting solution for Office 365!

An easier way to manage, analyze and report on your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 Cloud applications:

  • Faster, easier, and less error prone Microsoft Office 365 Cloud administration
  • Reporting to support Microsoft Cloud audit requirements and compliance best practices
  • Get insights about your Office 365 Cloud to improve Behavioral Security monitoring

The easy-to-use, web-based portal provides you with the enhanced administration, reporting, and security monitoring tools you need to better manage your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Performing tasks has never been easier with 365 Command. Easy enough for anyone to use. No software to download and install.

Simplify Microsoft Office 365 Management

The administrative process for using Microsoft Office 365 Cloud can be a whole lot harder for you to manage than you might think. However, 365 Command will resolve all those problems.

  • Set up accounts instantly
  • Set up cloud mailboxes on the spot
  • Manage all users, groups and mailboxes
  • Manage OneDrive and SharePoint accounts
  • Manage all role-based administration functions
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Simplify Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring

Get the information you need to find suspicious activities within your Microsoft Office 365 Cloud environment.

  • Get more information about your Office 365 cloud usage
  • Get the most insights possible to find suspicious acts
  • Protect your access and usage permissions for the cloud
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Simplify Microsoft Office 365 Reporting

Office 365 Cloud reporting has never been easier to handle! Quickly gather Microsoft Office 365 cloud data and insights.

  • Office 365 Users & Group
  • Office 365 Access & Permissions
  • Office 365 Cloud Mailboxes & Email usage
  • Office 365 Devices
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business
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