Features Guide

Getting Started

Getting Started The Reports area allows you to view and export information about your Office 365 environment.

Office 365 Users

Office 365 Users
Office 365 User Account Details The Office 365 Users screen allows you to quickly view user information as well as bring up advanced user details and assign licenses to existing user accounts.
Set & Modify Office 365 Passwords The Modify Passwords screens allows you to bulk set passwords with options for requiring change at next log in and expiration.
Change Office 365 User Names Change the User Name for Office 365 users, including Directory Synchronized and Federated Users.
Create New User Quickly create and license an Office 365 User account.
Purge Deleted Users Permanently remove users from the Office 365 Recycle bin.

Office 365 Mailboxes

Office 365 Mailboxes The Mailboxes menu options allow you to view Exchange properties, permissions, and perform actions such as setting permissions and forwarding.
Mailbox Dashboard The Main Page provides a snapshot of Office 365 environment.
Mailbox Map The Maps allow you to visually see where your active Office 365 mailboxes are located.
Get Office 365 User Mailbox Details List common properties such as mailbox size, last login, percentage of quota.
Get Exchange Online Users Details Lists the type of mailboxes and provides easy access to attributes only view-able in PowerShell.
Get Mailbox Permissions Details Displays who has full access to mailboxes
Create Mailbox Templates Create a template containing common settings to apply to mailboxes
Apply Mailbox Template Apply Mailbox Templates to mailboxes
Create Shared Mailbox
Edit Mailbox Permissions Assign or Remove Full Access and Send As permissions on mailboxes.
Edit Folder Permissions Set permissions on individual folders within a mailbox.
Set Mailbox Forwarder Forward mail from one mailbox to another.
Export Mailbox PST An easier way to export mailboxes to PST files
Groups The Groups list allows you to view information about groups in your Office 365 environment.
Mobile Device List The Mobile Devices list allows you to view information about Groups in your Office 365 environment.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online
Getting Started The SharePoint area allows you to view details on your SharePoint environment in Office 365.
Edit Document Library and List Permissions The Edit Document Library and List Permission sceens allows you to easily modify permissions on SharePoint Document libraries and lists in Office 365.