Tech Tip of the WeekHere is a new issue we ran into recently relating to Public Folders.  They are new to Wav15 / Office 365:

We’ve outlined the scenario below and the resolution.

One of our customers was having problems setting the primary SMTP on a public folder. It was stating that another public folder was assigned the primary SMTP and the one it was assigned to was not showing in the portal.



Public Folders
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1) Run command: Get-MailPublicFolder | select Displayname,name | FL
: This command will give you a list of the display names and the names of the Mail Public Folders within the organization.

2) Once you have verified the Display Names and names you can run the next command to find which email addresses are assigned to the Mail Public Folder.
CommandGet-MailPublicFolder -Identity “Display Name” | Select Emailaddresses

3) Once you have verified which one has the email address use the command below to set the primary SMTP to the Public Folder that has the duplicate. After you have change the primary SMTP to the duplicate Mail Public Folder, ran the same command on the one you wish to set the primary SMTP to.

Note: You have to set -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled to false if not it will not allow you to modify the Primary SMTP on the Public Folder.
CommandSet-MailPublicFolder -Identity “CSG MYDUP” EmailAddresses’ -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false

This solved the problem so our customer was able to set the primary SMTP on a public folder.  We hope this helps you if you encounter this issue with Public Folders.

Let us know if you have any issues you want us to cover in our Tech Tip of the Week series.  d