Spiceworks users help 365 Command get in touch with it’s Hotness

A select group of Spiceworks members, affectionately called Spiceheads, recently had the opportunity to be part of a Spiceworks Panel for 365 Command by MessageOps.  Panel Members got to use 365 Command and provide their feedback to the creators of this popular easy-to-use, web-based portal that provides enhanced administration, reporting, and monitoring tools to better manage Office 365.

“We got great feedback from these IT Pros managing their networks and users with  Microsoft Office 365.  The number of mailboxes they were responsible for ranged from 75 to 500.  They shared features they loved as well as ideas for additional enhancements,” stated Chris Pyle, CEO of Champion Solutions Group, parent company of MessageOps.  

Some of the feedback that was shared by the Spiceworks Panel about 365 Command:

  • “It is easy to use as a replacement for PowerShell.”
  • “365 Command worked really well.”
  • “The all over reporting map was super cool.”
  • “It gave us more functionality.”
  • “It was incredibly simple and easy to use.”
  • “All the information on the dashboard was great.”
  • “365 Command is much easier to use than PowerShell which is a huge time saver for us.”
  • “It was so easy to assign mailbox rights to other users.”
  • “Even though I like PowerShell, I found I loved all the reporting features, ease of use and ability to easily change passwords.”
  • “I liked how 365 Command make use of a GUI to help those of us with either limited experience with O365 or simply the lack of time to go in and “find” what it is that we need a way to get things done faster.”
  • “365 Command is a tool that increases user ability.”

It was great to get such positive feedback but we also got some amazing suggestions for future improvements: 

  • “Having  “Send As” privileges would be valuable.”
  • “Would like the option to have reports sent to email.”
  • “Ability to be able to select multiple people on a list to modify permissions at a time would be a great additional feature.”
  • “What would be nice is tight integration with Spiceworks as that is THE tool we use to support all of our companies.”
  • “If there was a better way to setup a restricted admin account in O365 so that we could restrict what 365 Command has access to so that we could implement the solution on our end.” 

And the best one of all:

  • “Wish it was implemented by Microsoft and came with Office 365.”

We loved the feedback and are adding the suggestions to our schedule of improvements.   We are continuing to work with the Spiceworks Panel as we implement additional features and continue to listen to their feedback and recommendations!

About 365 Command  Powered by MessageOps, the Microsoft Cloud experts and a Microsoft Partner of Record, 365 Command offers a feature-rich, HTML5, web-based portal to easily administer Office 365. Scalable to support a virtually unlimited number of mailboxes, 365 Command provides anywhere, anytime access to perform the most common admin tasks with a simple point-and-click interface that’s easy enough for even a novice to use. MessageOps is a privately held company headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla  For more information, visit https://command365.wpengine.com or www.messageops.com.  Follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook.