We’ve been listening to your feedback and are pleased to announce that several new features are now live in 365 Command.

Send As Information Now Available

On the List Exchange Permissions screen, as well as the reports screen, we are now displaying Full Mailbox Access along with the Send As Permissions.  This is also available in a report format, under Reports->Security.

Quicker Refresh of Permission Data and Password Options

When you make a change in 365 Command, our database is instantly updated with the correct information.  This applies to both the Password options and the Full Access/Send As permissions displayed on the List Exchange Permissions screen.

Group Membership Information is Now Displayed

When viewing Group details you now have the option to display the membership of the group.

This is the first step in allowing administrators to manage group membership from 365 Command.  Look for more features around groups later this month.

Ability to Convert Mailboxes to Shared, Room, or Resources

Another new feature is the ability to convert mailboxes into different types with the click of button.  You can also choose whether the resource should automatically accept meeting requests.

Stay tuned for more feature additions in the coming weeks!  The best way to say up to date is by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Please continue to use the Feedback tab within 365 Command to give us your suggestions for future enhancements or to report issues.  We respond to every piece of feedback that comes in, so please don’t be shy about submitting your thoughts!