365Command New Features

The following new features have been added to 365 Command and are now available for use.

Assign Licenses to Existing Accounts

You can now assign licenses to existing accounts through the Office 365 Users screen by clicking the Licenses tab on the user.  The Office 365 Users screen itself has gone through some minor UI changes, which will allow 365 Command to accommodate more user actions in the future.

Change User Name – Update

This release gives Administrators the ability to change user names on federated user accounts.

Create New User Accounts in Office 365

The Create New User option allows for the creation of new user accounts, with a license, in Office 365.

Purge Deleted Users

The Purge Deleted Users area allows the user to permanently remove deleted objects from the Azure Active Directory recycle bin, before the normal 30 day expiration.

Modify Group Membership

You can now modify Group Membership of non Directory Synchronized groups directly through 365 Command, by clicking the Modify link on the Group Details table.

New Reports

We’ve added a few new reports, including:

  • Shared Mailbox Sizes – Shows the sizes of your shared and resource mailboxes
  • License Summary – A quick overview of how many licenses are in use and unassigned
  • Unused Services – Shows users which have a license such as plan E3, but have services within that license turned off, such as SharePoint
  • User Licenses – Shows the license type and what services are active on a user by user basis

Other Misc Fixes and Changes

With every new release we do include bug fixes for issues that have been reported to us.  Most of these fixes are related to the data load process.  It never ceases to amaze us what is returned by PowerShell sometimes!

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