At MessageOps, we are constantly adding new features and updates to 365 Command based on feedback from our community.  Below is a list of recent updates we have added to the most recent release of 365 Command.

Role Based Access to Administrative Functions

The new roles in 365 Command allow administrators to better control what actions the users of the system can perform.  For example, you could create a user that can reset passwords, but not change mailbox permissions.  You could also create a report only user that would not be able to perform any administrative actions, but could access the reports.

Office 365 User Name Change

You can now change a Directory Synchronized User’s userprincipal name through 365 Command instead of having to run a Powershell.  365 Command will soon have the ability to change Federated User names as well.

New Object Refresh

A 365 Command user can now request a refresh of new user objects.  This process is much faster than the existing process for retrieving new account details, especially in larger accounts.

Contacts Now Available

365 Command now displays contacts information and the groups those contacts are a member of.

MemberOf Information Available

We’ve added a MemberOf tab to the Exchange Users, Groups, and Contacts pages.  This will allow users of the system to quickly view what groups the various objects are a member of.  The next step will be to allow the 365 Command User to update the Group Membership of these objects.

Friendly License Names

365 Command now gathers licensing information about users.  When viewing the properties of an Office 365 we now display the friendly license name as well as the status of services associated with those licenses.  Now that 365 command has the licensing data, for more licensing reports and admin functionality in the near future.

New Compliance Report

365 Command now has a compliance report which shows the retention policy applied to mailboxes, whether mailbox auditing is enabled, and whether Litigation Hold is enabled.

Better Alerting for Common Issues

We’ve added alerts to inform users if they are using unsupported browsers or if their Admin credentials have expired.

New Map

The Google Map has been replaced with a Bing Map.

Update to Device Types on Main Page

The Device Types pie chart on the main page now displays the total number of devices and when hovering over the various type’s displays the count of the individual device types.

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