Matt's Partner Tip of the WeekWe are always working on improving 365 Command for our partner community. As many of you may or may not know we work in two week sprints. What this means is that every two weeks we will be rolling out new additions to the tool. Each new addition will be labeled with Beta icon. This will let you know which items in 365 Command are either new or in Beta. As you use the product please utilize the feedback tab and tell us what you want added. As you can see we are constantly making changes, which are based mostly on our partners feedback! Some of the new additions are:



  • Maps are now on Bing Maps.
  • List O365 Users section now uses Microsoft Naming convention.
  • License tab added to show more detail about the license. Can now see which licenses end user are using.
  • Change User Name Section.
  • Ability to change users name.
  • Ability to Limit Command Users rights.
  • Visibility into members of group emails.

Keep checking our blog for more updates, and send us your feedback!