I wanted to welcome our 365 Command partners and future partners to Matt’s 365 Command Partner Tip of the Week. I’m going to use this blog to discuss different tips on how to use 365 Command, as well as share best practices from partners within our community. The MessageOps team is constantly working on enhancing 365 Command. We value each of our partner’s feedback and I recommend you take advantage of the feedback button located on the right hand side of your screen, as it goes directly to our programming team.

With the latest release of 365 Command, our partners can expect to see:

More detail of Exchange Permission per user.

  • The ability to see who as Full Access and Send As rights.

Convert Shared Mailboxes.

  • When migrating from on premise to cloud every mailbox comes over as a mailbox. This feature allows to assign mailboxes as resources and rooms.

Also allows user to convert old mailboxes to shared mailboxes.

  • Partners now get the ability to see who is included in group emails.

These are just some of the improvements we are rolling out.

From a partner stand point, the best way to utilize 365 Command is to bundle it into a Managed Service offering. One of our first partners, UPTimeLV, does just that. They are utilizing 365 Command as part of a package offering to their client base. They see the value in not having to deal with power shell and the time savings the tool provides. 

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