Identity and Authentication in the cloud Office 2013 and Office 365

Development of the cloud has allowed Office 2013 and Office 365 to shift from computer centered authentication to now being user centered. This shift allows users to move seamlessly among devices (laptop, cell phone, pc, tablet) from anywhere in the world at any time, no longer requiring them to be stuck behind one computer at the company’s office. For the IT admin, user audit trails  and compliance are also separated by identity. We know what you used to do (since your beeper days) on premises each day, but now what do you do with the advent of the cloud and hybrid?

Let’s take a closer look at the 2 scenarios you are most likely facing today as IT Pro.

Scenario #1 – All in the Microsoft cloud

IT Pro Provisioning Experience – You are in charge. Smaller businesses use Microsoft’s cloud Identity Services to establish, manage and authenticate users. Everything is managed in the cloud. No servers. Microsoft manages all of that for you. You can still provision or de-provision ID’s and user access through the portal or PowerShell cmdlets.

End User authentication experience – Once you have set up users in the Office 365 Administration Center in the Microsoft cloud, the end user can sign in from up to five devices – from anywhere and at any time

Scenario #2 – Hybrid cloud and on-premises

IT Pro Provisioning Experience – The Microsoft cloud Directory Sync tool keeps your on-premises and in-the-cloud corporate user identities synchronized.

End User authentication experience – For the end user, the authentication experience is the same. Whether they are behind the corporate firewall, or at a coffee shop, home, or a hotel on the other side of the planet. They don’t need to care where their request goes – it all just works –  always, and wherever they are.

We have created an easy diagram for you to get all the details – Identity and Authentication in the cloud: Office 2013 and Office 365

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