We’re very excited that Office Mobile is available for Androids and iPhones, and thought we’d show you a few functionalities that will help you get started moving around the app! Office Mobile is a unique benefit to Office 365 subscribers, but if you are not subscribed yet you can visit www.office.com to do so!

Signing In

When signing in to Office mobile, you can use a Microsoft Account associated with your Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 University subscription, or an Organization account for all other 365 accounts. Access to cloud storage such as SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro is available after sign-in.

Signing In

The last documents you worked on will appear on the recent documents tab.

On the Locations tab you can see all of your connected cloud storage locations and additional locations.

image 2


Getting Around

From the Home page you can easily move around to recent documents, cloud storage, and creating new documents.

image 3


The new documents tab will bring up this menu to get you started quickly:

image 4



Word is very easy to use on Office Mobile, optimized for any small screen, and contains all of the editing functionalities you would use on your PC.

image 5


After you’re finished editing, you have the choice to Format, Share, or Save your document.

image 6



Excel spreadsheets are also nicely optimized for phone use, and contain all of your normal editing functions. You can create charts, utilize AutoSum features, and filter data in tables.

image 7


The Outline View makes it easy to jump to the worksheet, chart or table of your choosing.

image 8


You can filter or sort data in tables, in order to get new insights.

image 9



Having PowerPoint accessible on your phone makes it easy to review and edit your slides on the way to your presentation. PowerPoint on Mobile allows you to make all edits to your presentation that you would be able to on your PC.

image 10


Landscape mode allows you to swipe through your presentation.

image 11


Slide Navigator allows you to quickly jump to any slide.

image 12


That’s all for now on Office Mobile, we hope some of these tips help you in getting started with your new features!