Day 2 was a busy and productive day at the Worldwide Partners Conference as we began our sessions for the conference and meeting new people during the Expo! This morning the Microsoft executive team has their vision keynote address to the entire partner community – areas of focus are Cloud, Mobility, Social, and Big Data. They demonstrated Windows 8.1 and how it works on the different devices. Our booth was open from noon until the end of the day. We had lots of traffic, really good interaction and discussions, and one partner even filled out the partner application right at our booth – they have sold 65,000 mailboxes! Chris and Chad spoke in the Cloud Theater to demonstrate 365 Command as well. We will be attending the SMB awards reception tonight!

Another great day in the books for WPC and 365 Command!

IMG_0757 IMG_0763 IMG_0767 Women's WPC Luncheon WPC Picture