Today was an exciting day for 365Command as we kicked off the first day of the Worldwide Partner Conference for Microsoft! WPC is a global gathering of top Microsoft partners, where we have an opportunity to introduce 365Command and everything it offers to other top companies just like us! Here’s a quick recap and some photos of what we accomplished today:

We set up our booth this morning and the Welcome Reception was held in the Expo this evening – off to a great start. We had many partners come by the booth and we discussed 365 Command as viable solution for their Office 365 customers. Nearly 25 badges were scanned for partners that we spoke with. There were a handful that came over to the booth that either knew of 365 Command or tried it in the past. The ones who tried it liked it and found it valuable; they just need to re-engage. One partner came by and said he is a current customer and finds our tool to be very valuable. Another partner came over who sells O365 to schools in Brazil – we have lots of schools we could reference and could be a nice opportunity. Matt did several demos as well for other partners. Also, everyone likes the orange bags we handed out.

Tomorrow the Expo officially begins! We couldn’t be more excited about the new doors that will be opened during this conference!

IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0766