365 Command Software updatesWe’ve made some exciting software updates to 365 Command to continue to improve this web-based portal which is used to manage close to 1 million Office 365 mailboxes.  We’ve highlighted below the new features, improved functionality and enhanced customer experience we have added to 365 Command.

Scheduled Reports

With scheduled reports, 365 Command administrators can schedule reports to be delivered in either PDF, CSV, or Excel format on a defined schedules.  Partners can also schedule reports to be delivered to the clients they manage.  With the partner roll-up reports, Partners can keep an eye on their client’s settings and potentially alert them of issues before they arise.

Mailbox Templates

Templates give 365 Command administrators the ability to automatically assign properties to mailboxes after creation. Settings include quota size, archive, litigation hold, time zone, language, mailbox access methods, password options, and mailbox auditing.  As an example, let’s say all your users are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and you want to enable Litigation Hold with a 5 year duration on all new users.  You could create a mailbox template which defines the time zone (preventing the user from getting prompted in OWA at first login) and also setting the litigation hold duration without having to go into PowerShell or run a script.

Group Membership Modification

Within the native Office 365 Administration tools, if you want to add or remove users from a group, the modification must be done on the group.  So if you wanted to add a user to several groups you’d have to go to each group and add the user. With this new feature in 365 Command, you can simply go to the user object and add/remove them to multiple groups at the same time.

Ability to Reset All User Passwords

Based on feedback from users, we’ve made it much easier to reset all user passwords or password options by creating an Add All button on the Modify Passwords screen.  This feature comes in handy during cutover migrations or if an organization decides to move away from ADFS.

Convert a Shared Mailbox to a Licensed Mailbox

Since adding the ability to convert between mailbox types, we’ve received several requests to allow conversion from a shared mailbox to a fully licensed user mailbox.  This addition really gives you the ability to convert almost any type of mailbox to any other type of mailbox within 365 Command.

Integration with Command Archive

Command Archive is a hosted Archiving solution from MessageOps.  It’s functionality is similar Microsoft’s Hosted Archive (EHA), which has been replaced in Office 365 by Exchange Online Archive (EOA).  Some customers prefer the journal based approached to email archiving and Command Archive gives them that functionality.  Command Archive can be purchased as a standalone product or directly through 365 Command.  When signing up through 365 Command it will automatically configure the integration between Command Archive and your Office 365 account.

Other Site Improvements

We’ve converted the majority of the site to a single-page application (SPA) which provides a more fluid experiencing when navigating between pages on the site.  This SPA architecture also speeds up the site in general.

Enjoy these software updates to help you better manage Office 365.  Performing tasks has never been easier with 365 Command!