365 Command Case Study


365 Command Helps Growing Alberta MSP Improve Service, Business Continuity for Office 365 Customers


“We were looking for something that would allow our NOC team to quickly perform simple customer requests on demand whenever they’d receive an email or phone call—like adding a new account, changing a user password or creating a distribution list—without having to know PowerShell. 365 Command has provided that. Now it’s just a click in a browser.”


A results-focused, complete IT service provider in the Calgary/Alberta area, Bulletproof Infotech delivers guaranteed business technology services to a wide array of businesses, from 5 to 250 employees. The award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist serves small businesses, along with providing specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of Canada’s oil and gas industry and financial service professionals, all included in its Bulletproof NetSHIELDTM flat rate, fully managed, worry-free, hassle-free and guaranteed IT solution.


In addition to providing hands-on daily administration, the Bulletproof team is committed to finding new ways to improve business continuity and efficiency for its customers with latest generation, future-proof technology.


The Challenge

As principal consultant at Bulletproof, Steve Lawson is where “the buck stops” when it comes to fulfilling customer needs. In the company’s network operations center (NOC), Lawson says the Bulletproof team was beginning to struggle in managing its growing roster of Office 365 customer accounts. Not only did the cumbersome Microsoft console lack the visibility that would enable his team to gain a useful overview of customers’ accounts, but it was also painful to use when trying to make changes or updates.


“With the Microsoft console, we had to type in the exact domain name for each customer to get into their portal for delegation, and this step alone was becoming very hard—if you mistyped the domain, the system would tell you that it didn’t exist,” Lawson said.


But gaining access to customer accounts was only the beginning. Each simple password or other email change required complex PowerShell Command script coding. “I’d consider my PowerShell skills to be average, but you still have to figure out exactly what command you need to get the result you want, and then you have to be sure to type it in correctly, with the right syntax. It was painful.”


The Solution

Attending the IT Nation event in Orlando last fall, Bulletproof owner Jeff Anderson discovered a new way for his company to overcome the mounting deficits in the Microsoft Office 365 administration system. 365 Command by MessageOps offers the first easy, intuitive, point-and click dashboard for complete Office 365 command and control—without the need for complex and cumbersome PowerShell scripting. With its web-based admin console, that’s as simple as completing any web-based form with a rich, HTML5 graphical user interface, 365 Command replaces the PowerShell interface with user-friendly radio buttons and fill-in templates that even a novice can use—with no coding experience required.


The Results

In just the first few weeks of use, Bulletproof has already seen a dramatic time savings in its mail administration tasks. With a birds-eye view of all customer accounts, Lawson and his team can now see at-a-glance how much mail storage each is consuming, and can now perform simple tasks like password resets with a single click, rather than digging around in the Office PowerShell console.


“365 Command has really speeded up our process and lowered our admin time drastically,” Lawson said. “Now that it’s so fast and easy, we realize just how much time we were spending with PowerShell commands, especially with creating new distribution lists for customers.” With a solid trial under its belt, Bulletproof is poised to fully deploy the system across its entire Office 365 and Exchange 2013 customer base over the next quarter, including larger accounts with up to 250 seats and deployment to the hands-on NOC team for day-to-day direct customer support.


“365 Command has allowed us to easily manage Office 365 for our clients from a single, userfriendly console. In a few clicks, we are able to reset passwords, see quotas, view usage reports and manage distribution groups, among other things, and the ongoing development roadmap looks even better,” Anderson said. “As an IT service provider with many clients using Office 365, the ‘single pane of glass’ from which we can manage all of our clients’ accounts is a huge time-saver for us.”


In addition to the simplicity and usability of the 365 Command portal, Lawson said he is equally impressed by the whole concept of the solution. “I am personally very impressed and pleased to see that someone saw the shortcomings of Office 365 and got ahead of Microsoft on it,” he said. “After all of our frustrations with managing customers using the PowerShell system, 365 Command has solved a major problem for us.”


To learn more about becoming a 365 Command partner, please visit: https://command365.wpengine.com/partners/



Bulletproof Infotech www.bulletproofit.ca

Customer Profile: For more than 20 years, Bulletproof Infotech has worked with Calgary area small businesses to provide worry-free, hassle-free and cost-effective computer, networking and IT solutions that allow businesses to be more efficient and productive while reducing IT costs. A full-service MSP, Bulletproof provides a single solution and one point of contact to streamline technology services.


Summary: Looking for a faster, more efficient way to handle basic, day-to-day Office 365 customer mail administration needs without the complexity of PowerShell scripting, Bulletproof implemented 365 Command, gaining complete visibility of its entire customer mail account portfolio, and the ability to serve customers’ needs faster and easier, saving both Bulletproof and its customers time and money.

Eliminates complicated PowerShell scripting • Saves time in handling simple mail admin tasks • Gives front-line NOC support the ability to quickly serve customers’ needs • Streamlines password changes and distribution list creation • Scalable system to handle both small (less than 10 seats) and larger (2000 seats) accounts