Security, Management & Reporting Tools to Complement Microsoft’s cloud management capabilities

365 Command complements Microsoft’s cloud management capabilities with a focus on saving you time, money and reducing the risks of managing Microsoft Office 365 users, data and devices.

365 Command is a comprehensive management, reporting and security tool built for business and organizations that face the challenges of manage Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and other Microsoft Online services.

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Protect Sensitive Content in your Office 365 Environment
  • Get a Complete Picture of your Office 365 Environment
  • Reduce IT & Support Costs when Managing Office 365

ico1Protect Sensitve Content in your Office 365 Environment

Protect Office 365 access and usage.

  • Ensure the right access and availability
  • Monitor user actions to investigate suspicious behavior
  • Have a clear picture of audit and security requirements

ico2Get a Complete Picture of Your Office 365 Environment

Get insights & reports that compliment the Microsoft Admin Portal.

  • View dashboards & key insights about your Office 365 users, data & devices
  • Track & measure valuable trends, stats, usage patterns, history and key insights
  • Save money by identifying unused services & licenses

ico3Reduce IT & Support Costs when managing Office 365

Manage Office 365 faster than using the Microsoft Portal.

  • Replace time consuming processes, improving IT efficiency and service support.
  • Enable admins to identify and troubleshoot issues faster
  • Enable admins to quickly perform common tasks that would otherwise require PowerShell scripting knowledge