365 Command lets Administrators and Help Desk staff administer Office 365 with ease.

365 Command is designed to help you quickly perform common tasks that would otherwise require PowerShell scripting knowledge.

The administration features of 365 Command allow you to:

  • Reset Passwords (with options for never expire)
  • Set Mailbox Permissions (Send As, Full Mailbox Access)
  • Set Mailbox Folder Permissions (Reviewer, Editor, Owner, etc)
  • Convert Mailboxes to Shared, Room, or Resources
  • Forward Mail to an Alternate Mailbox
  • Create Shared Mailboxes
  • Create Role-Based Access to Administrative Functions
  • Change a Directory Synchronized User’s ‘userprincipal’ Name
  • Request a Refresh of New User Objects
  • View ‘Member Of’ Information (see what groups the various objects are a ‘Member Of’)
  • View the Total Number of Devices and Device Types
  • Assign Licenses to Existing Accounts
  • Change User Names on Federated User Accounts
  • Create New User Accounts in Office 365
  • Purge Deleted Users
  • Modify Group Membership

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