Office 365 Levels the Playing Field for Small Businesses

Christopher Pyle, President and CEO of Champion Solutions Group/MessageOps, contributed this article to BusinessNewsDaily's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Microsoft Office 365 is giving the small business owner the opportunity to compete with larger businesses, essentially revolutionizing the marketplace for entrepreneurs. Small to medium sized firms that once found it difficult to afford and compete with the software productivity models [...]

Security and Microsoft Office 365

We are often asked about the security of Microsoft Office 365.  We have found a great website that has all the answers to many questions and concerns around privacy, security,and legal and compliance concerns. Just click for all the information. Microsoft is constantly and proactively working towards earning the users trust by focusing on the below [...]

Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week – Windows XP and Office 365

  For this week’s edition of Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week, I will discuss using Windows XP with Office 365, especially the new version of Office 365 (Wave 15).  For those of you who are moving to Office 365 or are in the process of migrating to Office 365 and still have some legacy [...]

Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week – Alleviate local SSL cert pop-ups

This week’s “Tech Tip of the week” focuses once again on Exchange Hybrid/Coexistence setups and/or migrations to Office 365.  In particular, this tech tip discusses how to alleviate the “annoying” SSL certificate pop-up that your Outlook users will start to receive when the Exchange 2010 or 2013 Hybrid server comes online. An example of this [...]

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How to use Microsoft Active Directory Synchronization (a.k.a “MS DirSync”) for Office 365 more effectively

Justin's Tech Tip of the Week In this edition of “Justin's Tech Tip of the Week” I am going to focus on how to use Microsoft Active Directory Synchronization (“MS DirSync”) for Office 365 more effectively. For those of you who are unaware of what MS DirSync is, here is a quick summary: MS DirSync is [...]

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Important News Regarding the New Office 365 – Microsoft Update

  We just received this update from Microsoft regarding the installation of the new Microsoft Office365 and wanted to pass it along to our Office 365 Community as quickly as possible.  Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions: The Service Upgrade for existing customers to the New Office 365 [...]

Getting Ready for the Next “Wave” of Microsoft 2013 Products for Office 365

If you missed our recent webinar on "Getting Ready for the Next "Wave" of Microsoft 2013 Products for Office 365" you can view the recorded version here: Highlights: Get your questions answered about the new Microsoft Office 365 products coming out If you are new to Office 365, you will see a live demo [...]

Attention Office 365 Resellers and Managed Service Providers: Make Money with Office 365

MessageOps was recently the focus of an article in Channelnomics, The Business of Technology titled "MessageOps Solves Office 365 Profit Riddle."  For those of you who are resellers or managed service providers for Office 365, this article provides some great insight on how to make money with this popular Microsoft product. Here are some highlights: [...]

Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week – Mail Retrievals within Office 365

The "Tech Tip of the Week" is about performing mail retrievals within Office 365. Mail Retrievals within Office 365 Take a Free Trial of 365 Command. Designed to Quickly Enable You to Manage Microsoft Office 365 Online Services Better: You will Save time & money with advanced Office 365 management tools, analytics, reports, security insights & more.   [...]

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Watch out for Gmail Man – Rules don’t apply

Microsoft Office 365 takes a swing at Google with this funny advertisement about Google looking at your Gmail content and then serving up ads based on that. Watch out for Gmail Man. "My business, your business - it's all business. Business of Advertising."

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