How can I manage my Microsoft Office 365 Cloud better?

We get asked the same question many times...What can I do with 365 Command to manage my Organization's Microsoft Office 365 Cloud better? The answer is that there many things you can do with 365 Command to improve how you manage your Organization's Microsoft Office 365 Cloud. Here are a few of my favorites.... Simplify Microsoft Office 365™ Cloud [...]

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MessageOps Named One Of The Top 100 Cloud Services Providers for 3rd Year in a Row

MessageOps, the creator of the cloud based management portal 365 Command, was named one of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) in the third-annual Talkin' Cloud 100 report. Champion Solutions Group, the parent company of MessageOps, has been in the top 100 every year the report has been published.  Since MessageOps launched 365 Command earlier this [...]

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365 Command Featured in Information Week: 6 Office 365 Power Tips

Kevin Casey, a well-known author for Information Week, featured 365 Command in a recent blog post about tips for using Office 365! Read highlights from the article below.  To see the full post, click here. The potential benefits of cloud services like Microsoft's Office 365 include things like: Employees can access their work anytime, anywhere. CFOs [...]

New Features Added to 365 Command

The following new features have been added to 365 Command and are now available for use. Assign Licenses to Existing Accounts You can now assign licenses to existing accounts through the Office 365 Users screen by clicking the Licenses tab on the user.  The Office 365 Users screen itself has gone through some minor UI changes, [...]

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New Developments in Microsoft Office 365!

Microsoft Office 365 has been busy at work the last few weeks, with two major conferences and a few new developments being released. TechEd North America 2013 in New Orleans displayed key developments to Windows Azure, significant updates to servers and new tools built for the cloud. Aside from TechEd, Microsoft has also made some [...]

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365 Command Chosen As One Of The 50 Cool Tools for Solution Providers

365 Command by MessageOps was selected as one of the 50 Cool Tools for Solution Providers by CRN CRN stated the tools they selected as part of this report are the critical software tools that partners  use to run their own business and more effectively manage their customers' business. Specifically in regards to 365 Command, CRN [...]

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New Features Added to 365 Command

  At MessageOps, we are constantly adding new features and updates to 365 Command based on feedback from our community.  Below is a list of recent updates we have added to the most recent release of 365 Command. Role Based Access to Administrative Functions The new roles in 365 Command allow administrators to better control [...]

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Kellwood Streamlines Email Task Management With 365 Command

365 Command by MessageOps helped to streamline email task management for retailer, Kellwood Co. and was featured in a recent article by Retail Touch Points. Marketers use e-mail marketing as a principal tool across industries. Sixty percent of marketers say that email is producing an ROI, while 32% say that the return is forthcoming, according [...]

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Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week – Global Email Signatures For Office 365

For this week’s edition of “Justin’s Tech tip of the week”, I’d like to discuss the implementation of Global Email Signatures for Office 365 Wave 15.  This is a functionality that has been greatly enhanced in the upgrade from Wave 14 and it is important especially if you are part of a company that standardizes, [...]

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Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week: Purging and Removing Deleted Users and Mailboxes from Office 365

  For this week’s edition of Justin’s Tech Tip of the week, we will discuss how to purge/remove deleted users/mailboxes from Office 365 without having to wait for Microsoft’s default 30-day window to ultimately, completely eradicate the account. This is especially useful if there is a mistake or typo found with a particular user (for [...]

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