365 Command Partner Tip of the Week – Building a Robust Service Offering Around 365 Command

Hi Partners! One of the major hurtles we have when building our Office 365 business is developing our service offering around 365 Command. I’ve touched on this before and I think with our upcoming webinar August 28 at 2:00 PM EST focusing on "How to Create A Simple and Affordable Mailbox Management Service with 365 Command,” [...]

Tell us your Office 365 Uptime Statistics

Take this quick Office 365 Uptime Statistics Survey - Once completed you will see the survey results page.   Microsoft recently announced their uptime statistics for Office 365 in an effort to be more transparent with customers and partners.   The way Microsoft measures Office 365 availability is by using the number of minutes that the Office 365 service [...]

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Important Microsoft Update – ADFS Vulnerability

Recently, Microsoft uncovered a vulnerability that could reveal information pertaining to the service account used by ADFS.  According to Microsoft, this vulnerability could allow an attacker to attempt logons outside the corporate network which could result in account lockout of the service account by ADFS if an account lockout policy has been configured. Microsoft released [...]

The Top 7 Office 365 Troubleshooting Tools

As an Office 365 administrator, it’s nice to have a collection of tools to turn to when troubleshooting issues with Office 365. Below I’ve shared a few of my favorites by Microsoft. 1. Office 365 Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough One of the most common problems is troubleshooting Outlook connectivity to Exchange Online. This guided walkthrough [...]

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365 Command featured in DataCenter Post

Data Center POST Editor Chris McKinnon recently ran the following briefing on 365 Command, its recent updates, and the recent awards Champion Solutions Group, the parent company of MessageOps, has received recently.  The full briefing can be seen here, on the main page. Here is what our very own Chad Mosman, founder of MessageOps, had to say: 365 Command by MessageOps replaces [...]

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MessageOps Named One Of The Top 100 Cloud Services Providers for 3rd Year in a Row

MessageOps, the creator of the cloud based management portal 365 Command, was named one of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) in the third-annual Talkin' Cloud 100 report. Champion Solutions Group, the parent company of MessageOps, has been in the top 100 every year the report has been published.  Since MessageOps launched 365 Command earlier this [...]

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The Power of SMBs

Here is a great infographic that highlights the power of small and mid-size businesses.   SMBs spend $3 Billion on technology every day.  That's right every day.  Nothing small about that.

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Day Three at the Worldwide Partner Conference for Microsoft

Our third day has come to a close here at the Worldwide Partner Conference, and we couldn't be happier with our success! We had a full day at the booth and had a lot of traffic with good discussions and lots of interest! Between that and a few marketing sessions, we were very busy! We [...]

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365 Command Featured in Information Week: 6 Office 365 Power Tips

Kevin Casey, a well-known author for Information Week, featured 365 Command in a recent blog post about tips for using Office 365! Read highlights from the article below.  To see the full post, click here. The potential benefits of cloud services like Microsoft's Office 365 include things like: Employees can access their work anytime, anywhere. CFOs [...]

Day 2 at the Worldwide Partners Conference for Microsoft!

Day 2 was a busy and productive day at the Worldwide Partners Conference as we began our sessions for the conference and meeting new people during the Expo! This morning the Microsoft executive team has their vision keynote address to the entire partner community – areas of focus are Cloud, Mobility, Social, and Big Data. They [...]

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