How can I manage my Microsoft Office 365 Cloud better?

We get asked the same question many times...What can I do with 365 Command to manage my Organization's Microsoft Office 365 Cloud better? The answer is that there many things you can do with 365 Command to improve how you manage your Organization's Microsoft Office 365 Cloud. Here are a few of my favorites.... Simplify Microsoft Office 365™ Cloud [...]

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MSPs – Build your own value-added service around the management of Office 365 for your customers

365 Command MSP Partner Community Build your own value-added service around the management of Office 365 for your customers. 365 Command enables Microsoft partners to manage their client environments through a single login to perform common administrative tasks and troubleshoot issues. With a free account, partners can quickly and easily build their own managed service [...]

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How to Provision OneDrive for Office 365 for Multiple Users – Faster

Provision OneDrive for Office 365 for Multiple Users Faster Setting up OneDrive for business for multiple users in Office 365 can be time consuming and could require a separate process for each user if you don't use PowerShell. Provisioning OneDrive accounts with PowerShell requires and equal amount of time to learn ans apply. Office 365 managers rely [...]

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Join Our Office 365 Weekly Webinar: Manage Office 365 Better

Weekly Webinar: Simplify Microsoft Office 365 Management Free Webinar: Simplify Microsoft Office 365 Management Next: Thursday 3/5/2015 at 12:30 pm EST Presenter: Steve Hall, Director of Product Management, 365 Command Managing and administering an organization’s Microsoft Office 365 application suite can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if you are trying to do it with Windows® Powershell. Join this session to learn how [...]

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How 365 Command Helps You Manage Office 365 Better

365 Command Case Study   365 Command Helps Growing Alberta MSP Improve Service, Business Continuity for Office 365 Customers   “We were looking for something that would allow our NOC team to quickly perform simple customer requests on demand whenever they’d receive an email or phone call—like adding a new account, changing a user password [...]

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Top 10 Reports Used by Microsoft Office 365 Managers

Today there are more than 50 million Microsoft Office 365 users managed by tens of thousands of organizations - that number will explode to 350 million users managed by 2017. These organizations are struggling to get access to the information and insights they need to manage their Office 365 environments better and faster. The Microsoft [...]

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365 Command lets Office 365 Administrators and Help Desk staff administer with ease.

365 Command lets Administrators and Help Desk staff administer Office 365 with ease. 365 Command is designed to help you quickly perform common tasks that would otherwise require PowerShell scripting knowledge. The administration features of 365 Command allow you to: Reset Passwords (with options for never expire) Set Mailbox Permissions (Send As, Full Mailbox Access) Set Mailbox Folder [...]

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New SharePoint Features Added to 365 Command

Like the Exchange side of 365 Command we wanted to create a system which makes it easier for administrators to understand how their SharePoint environment is being used. With the new SharePoint features, you can quickly find out things such as: Manage Manage My Site Settings Edit List Permissions Edit Site Permissions Create a SharePoint [...]

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Send us your Feature Requests

We wanted to let you know that you can now submit feature requests directly through the Kaseya Helpdesk system at Just scroll to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see a category called Cloud Application Management. Once in that section, you can like existing ideas or suggest your own. While we can’t [...]

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365 Command Joins Kaseya

We are happy to announce that 365 Command will be joining the world class IT systems management portfolio of Kaseya. This acquisition confirms the importance of reliable, easy to use cloud application management in today’s IT environments.   Read the full announcement here.

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