Lync 2013 Update Overview

September was a big month for Lync 2013, as Microsoft has released a lot of updates to its Lync 2013 Client as well as some notable fixes.  Click to Download Update (15.0.4535.1002) A lot of nice new features are present, but in the attempts to add these features, unfortunately they had to remove a feature. Let’s [...]

The Difference Between Microsoft SkyDrive Pro and SkyDrive

So you're confused about the difference between Microsoft SkyDrive Pro and Microsoft SkyDrive. In this post we're going to break down what SkyDrive Pro and what Skydrive actually is.  We've also got a video you can view with more info. Skydrive Pro is a way to store documents and access them anywhere, at home [...]

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Tech Tip of the Week – How to Assign Advanced Permissions

Assign Advanced Permissions Take a Free Trial of 365 Command. Designed to Quickly Enable You to Manage Microsoft Office 365 Online Services Better: You will Save time & money with advanced Office 365 management tools, analytics, reports, security insights & more.   We received a request from a client asking how can they assign and remove full access / [...]

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FREE Tech Tool – Dynamic DL Functionality with AD Groups

With Office 365 if you want to take advantage of Dynamic Distribution Groups, those groups have to be created in Office 365.  While that works great in a lot of scenarios, there are cases where organizations want to create and manage all groups in their local AD and then utilize the Microsoft Directory Synchronization utility [...]

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Tech Tip of the Week – Connecting Windows Azure AD PowerShell to Office 365 / Exchange Online

In this week's Tech Tip, we are going to address a question one of our customers asked recently: "Where do I download the Windows Azure AD PowerShell module and how do I connect it to Office 365/Exchange Online?" Below are the resources and steps we walked through that provided our customer with the answers that [...]

Microsoft Bulletin Update on ADFS

Earlier in the week we shared some information we had regarding an Important Microsoft Update on ADFS Vulnerability.  We have a Microsoft Bulletin Update on ADFS  to share based on this source. Why was this bulletin rereleased on August 19, 2013? Microsoft rereleased this bulletin to announce the reoffering of the 2843638 update for Active Directory Federation Services [...]

Important Microsoft Update – ADFS Vulnerability

Recently, Microsoft uncovered a vulnerability that could reveal information pertaining to the service account used by ADFS.  According to Microsoft, this vulnerability could allow an attacker to attempt logons outside the corporate network which could result in account lockout of the service account by ADFS if an account lockout policy has been configured. Microsoft released [...]

Getting Around Office Mobile

We’re very excited that Office Mobile is available for Androids and iPhones, and thought we’d show you a few functionalities that will help you get started moving around the app! Office Mobile is a unique benefit to Office 365 subscribers, but if you are not subscribed yet you can visit to do so! Signing [...]

Changes to Expect in Microsoft Partner Network

Apparently it’s that time again, the one we all resist and desperately try to stay away from; it’s time for change! Microsoft is getting ready to release a wave of changes to the Microsoft Partner Network including modifications in competencies and the retirement of several cloud changes. We hear of the biggest changes while we [...]

365 Command Featured in Information Week: 6 Office 365 Power Tips

Kevin Casey, a well-known author for Information Week, featured 365 Command in a recent blog post about tips for using Office 365! Read highlights from the article below.  To see the full post, click here. The potential benefits of cloud services like Microsoft's Office 365 include things like: Employees can access their work anytime, anywhere. CFOs [...]