365 Command Continues Making Headlines with the Office 365 Community

Talkin’ Cloud recently featured an article titled Office 365 Cloud Management: Partners Embracing 365 Command Tool uncovering how Microsoft channel partners are embracing this web based portal that makes Office 365 easier to manage and monetize.  Yes we said monetize.  365 Command opens up new revenue opportunities for solution providers.  ChannelNomics recently covered this in [...]

Attention Office 365 Resellers and Managed Service Providers: Make Money with Office 365

MessageOps was recently the focus of an article in Channelnomics, The Business of Technology titled "MessageOps Solves Office 365 Profit Riddle."  For those of you who are resellers or managed service providers for Office 365, this article provides some great insight on how to make money with this popular Microsoft product. Here are some highlights: [...]

The Ultimate Guide to What’s New in Microsoft Exchange Online – Part 1

      What's new, what's different, what's discontinued?  There have been so many changes to Microsoft Exchange Online recently it's hard to keep up.  We want to make it easy for you so are breaking it down a few at a time in this ongoing series: Exchange Admin Center (EAC) First thing to know [...]

How to Better Manage Microsoft Office 365 – WEBCAST

We had an awesome webcast attended by hundreds this past week.  It was a great community of Office 365 users, partners and 365 Command users.  We appreciate all the great questions, feedback and accolades for 365 Command.  Especially the accolades:-)   It was a lot of fun and we look forward to doing more of [...]

Watch out for Gmail Man – Rules don’t apply

Microsoft Office 365 takes a swing at Google with this funny advertisement about Google looking at your Gmail content and then serving up ads based on that. http://youtu.be/yXqrTfOWx60 Watch out for Gmail Man. "My business, your business - it's all business. Business of Advertising."

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Getting Ready for Office 2013 – What to expect when the “New Office” is released.

With the expected release of Office 2013 or as some refer to it - Wave 15 - we've gotten quite a few questions from our customers on the impact it may have on their current service.  We are hosting a Webinar on  March 13th at 2:00 PM EDT  Getting Ready for the Next “Wave” of Microsoft [...]

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Justin’s Tech Tip of the Week – Archive Mailboxes

A very useful, yet often very under-utilized feature of Office 365 is mailbox archiving, or simply setting up archive mailboxes for your users. Archive Mailboxes in Office 365 Take a Free Trial of 365 Command. Designed to Quickly Enable You to Manage Microsoft Office 365 Online Services Better: You will Save time & money with advanced Office 365 [...]

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Kicking off February with a Office 365 Global Outage

This morning we got a barrage of Office 365 customer calls letting us know about outages with their service.  It seems to be inconsistent where certain mailboxes are affected and overall access to the Office 365 portal/tenants are affected as well.  We are working  hard to get in touch with our Microsoft contacts to shed some [...]

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Big Wins for Office 365

You may be trying to decide whether Office 365 is right for your company. Here are some recent wins for Office 365 that include retailers, government and consumer brands.  Take a look at some of the companies who definitely think Office 365 is right for them: JC PENNEY Ron Johnson, The CEO of jcpenney who [...]

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A Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 Pricing

As a Microsoft Partner, we make it our mission to stay up to date on new products, new pricing and any tips and resources that can help our customers navigate the Microsoft Cloud.  So of course one of the things every one is wondering is what to expect on the pricing front. Luckily Mary Jo [...]

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