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Lync 2013 Update Overview

September was a big month for Lync 2013, as Microsoft has released a lot of updates to its Lync 2013 Client as well as some notable fixes.  Click to Download Update (15.0.4535.1002) A lot of nice new features are present, but in the attempts to add these features, unfortunately they had to remove a feature. Let’s [...]

Tech Tip of the Week: License Assignment

License assignment can be anywhere from painless to downright annoying.  Doing it through the GUI, we can select 25 users at a time to do license assignment. Not bad, if you only have 25 users. But what about if we have 2500? Oh man, I wouldn’t want to go through the GUI 100 times!  Luckily, [...]

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365 Command Partner Tip of the Week – Archiving

Partners as we continue to change our business and focus on services around Office 365, one of the main topics we need to tackle is archiving. As many of you know over 80% of information sent via email is sensitive data. Every one of our clients’ needs archiving. Having said that, we recently announced a [...]

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Tech Tip of the Week: How to Enable ADFS Tracing Logs in Event Viewer

We recently received a request from a customer wanting to know how to enable ADFS tracing logs in event viewer.  Are you wondering why someone would want to know how to do that?  The key benefit of knowing how to enable ADFS tracing logs in event viewer is that when you are trouble shooting user authentication [...]

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The Difference Between Microsoft SkyDrive Pro and SkyDrive

So you're confused about the difference between Microsoft SkyDrive Pro and Microsoft SkyDrive. In this post we're going to break down what SkyDrive Pro and what Skydrive actually is.  We've also got a video you can view with more info. http://youtu.be/W_GndOO_uK4 Skydrive Pro is a way to store documents and access them anywhere, at home [...]

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365 Command Software Updates – Performing tasks has never been easier with 365 Command!

We've made some exciting software updates to 365 Command to continue to improve this web-based portal which is used to manage close to 1 million Office 365 mailboxes.  We've highlighted below the new features, improved functionality and enhanced customer experience we have added to 365 Command. Scheduled Reports With scheduled reports, 365 Command administrators can [...]

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Office 2013: 10 Best Features You Should Know About

The new Office 2013 has some key updates that, while aren't quite as dramatic as the Windows 8 from Windows 7change, still have some pretty cool features for mobile and desktop.  Office 2013, will ship sometime next year at prices that have not been announced yet.  Check out the top 10 features: Going Mobile. Microsoft [...]

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Tech Tip of the Week – How to Assign Advanced Permissions

Assign Advanced Permissions Take a Free Trial of 365 Command. Designed to Quickly Enable You to Manage Microsoft Office 365 Online Services Better: You will Save time & money with advanced Office 365 management tools, analytics, reports, security insights & more.   We received a request from a client asking how can they assign and remove full access / [...]

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MessageOps to Sponsor Spiceworks Meetup on September 17th!

We are excited to sponsor our first Spiceworks Meetup in West Palm Beach on Tuesday, September 17th!  The topic is:  "Tired of Powershell scripts to manage Office 365? We can help! Come join us and learn about a tool that can save you time and money." This is the topic planned, however, we will talk [...]

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365 Command Partner Tip of the Week – Tech Data Partnership

This week’s blog will be short and sweet. I know most of you have heard by now, we will be working with Tech Data. 365 Command will now be available through Tech Data’s Cloud Solutions Store. We are very excited about our partnership! To learn more about it read here! Here are a few links [...]